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A little about me…

I have loved words and writing for as long as I can remember, and probably before. I was an early reader, and a voracious writer from a very young age. Blessed/Cursed with a rampant imagination, the line between real and fiction has always been blurry for me. My greatest life adventure has been raising four diverse kids alongside my teacher husband. I am a published author, currently writing middle grade and young adult fiction.


PIE BOY: MG Contemporary Fantasy.  James loves to bake. It helps him deal with his anxiety. When an ancient cookbook gives him super-powers, James is forced into an adventure to keep the magic book from Rupert Salt and the Pieoneers. #ownvoices. #dis. STEM. Recipes.  Stand-alone with series potential. Complete, currently querying.

FINDING HOME: MG Contemporary. A boy with recently divorced parents befriends a homeless man and becomes involved in fighting for a local shelter to be built. When he discovers his friend isn't interested in help, he tries to discover what "home" really means and how to help those who need it the most. In progress: first draft.

BEANSTALK: YA Magical Realism. Jack and the Beanstalk retelling with female MC. Abby wants to escape. Escape her dysfunctional mom, the stresses of school, the awkwardness between her and her used-to-be-best-friend. She begins building a tree house in her back yard. Every time she is stressed, she builds higher and higher, until it reaches the clouds-- and a family of giants who teach her what it means to be a family. When she discovers the perfection is not all it seems, she has to decide which world she will live in. In progress: first draft.

GREATER GOOD: YA sci-fi thriller. When Tara receives a cryptic text from her estranged father, she ignores it, until she discovers he died the night he sent it. Hidden in his belongings is a cache of classified government documents. Soon she is hiding with the outcasts of society and chased by a genetically modified assassin. Everything she believed about freedom, choice, and herself could be wrong. First in a trilogy. In progress: revisions.

FASCINATION STREET: The Cure Picture Book. Complete, have publisher interest. Will discuss with the right agent, email for more info.